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  1. Robert S Moulds

    The prince and the genie may have traded places in the unlikely event Ziffa gets it hopefully she will be less greedy, selfish and wiser. Wonder what Sharona and Ziffa will wish for if and receive whether or not they deserve it. Then again Ziffa could always be misunderstood and become the prince’s jester she is a fool and too many have suffered her.

    • John

      I’ve got a pretty good idea what Ziffa will wish for, but I’m not sure about Sharona…

  2. Gallstone

    I think I have a good idea of what happened.
    The only question that remains, is how long it will take for Ziffa to try to rob the prince or scheme her way into his bed. 😉

    • John

      I think we can hear the gears turning in Ziffa’s head already. 😀

      • Gallstone

        They are a bit rusty, aren’t they? Too stuck in her ways….. :p

        • John

          Pretty much!

    • khamya9

      From the look on her face in the first panel, I think if she had appeared anywhere except in the middle of a room with nothing in easy reach, she would already have tried to steal something.

      In fact, we can’t see her hands in any of the panels, they might not be empty.

      • John

        Ziffa is still hoping to get her free wish, so she’s minding her manners(as much as Ziffa ever minds her manners) for now…

  3. Gallstone

    Interesting to note that Ziffa’s ears and the genie’s look very much alike….

    • John

      Apparently it’s a pretty popular ear style!

  4. Lewdster

    I’ll bet a genie who can explain the weird shit happening would come in handy in Sharona’s world 😀

    • John

      We could all use a genie like that!

      • Gallstone

        Depends on the price, really.

        • John

          Fair enough!

  5. Robert S Moulds

    Oh Barbara where are you when we need you. She says get me out of here I’m cloisterphobic I’ll do anything. Anything.

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