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  1. IamNZ

    I knew something was odd about her size. Stuff made of nightmare, huh :)?

    • John

      Yep, the third sister definitely didn’t live up to her advertising! 😀

      • Gallstone

        Advertising is mostly lies, usually.

        • John

          I believe the term they use is: “Individual results may vary.”

          • Gallstone

            Like I said, lies. :p

  2. Vendettadabeast

    Ok now that was unexpected.

    • John

      And definitely a little anticlimactic!

      • Gallstone

        Hey, a moment of surprise and humour is a refreshing alternative to violence. ^_^

        • John

          Thank you!
          I try to change things up a little if I can.

  3. Gallstone

    I wasn’t too far off when I said I was expecting a midget in a mech… 😀
    So, are they Dwarves, Halflings, or humans of a different size?

    • John

      You’re guess was pretty spot on!
      As far as the sisters go, they’re basically humans of a different size, although it’s possible that they might have some dwarves of halflings in their family tree somewhere.(which might contribute to their short stature.)

  4. No biting!?!
    They can bite me any day! 🙂

    • John

      Be careful, they might take you up on that offer! 😀

  5. Robert S Moulds

    Ah the dwarfs, elves, midgets or pygmies are so cute yet so mean in their purple bikinis with matching boots. The hack is being prepared for raising a family of cute yet mean girls. On the bright side the little ones aren’t hurt.

  6. mayday587

    Dude, what a TWIST !!!
    That was awesome

    • John

      Thank you!
      Very much appreciated!

  7. Ka-Bobbleler

    * Austin Powers Voice * : ” Huh. I thought I smelled cabbage. “

  8. Jack Lee

    Ah, the old altitudeily impaired ploy. Great twist, didn’t see that one coming.

    • John

      Thank you!
      I appreciate that!

  9. Sheela

    Hah, that was a nice twist, I like them. 🙂

    And to be fair, they definitly do NOT look like children.
    Their boobs are huge.
    Well, huge-ish.

    • John

      Gareth has many good qualities, but being perceptive isn’t one of them apparently.

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