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  1. Gallstone

    You really should have had that thing cut into smaller stones before you sold it, Sharona…

    Nice callback!

    • John

      Well… Sharona didn’t exactly sell the Eye of Mezmera…

      We will find out on the next page how Sharona managed to part with it.

      • Gallstone

        I’m guessing copious amounts of booze were involved. 😀

        • John

          That’s generally a pretty safe assumption with Sharona. 😉

  2. Lewdster

    Oo, I like Rosaline’s underboob outfit 😀

    • John

      Thank you!
      Kinda catches the eye doesn’t it? 😉

      • Gallstone

        And establishes another contrast between her and Sharona, who prefers to flash cleavage.

  3. Robert S Moulds

    They should have brought bozo put him in a bikini and traded him for the eye Mezmera with the wizards. Sanibal gets what she wants, Roseline is free to terrorize Sanibal, Sharona gets Lenora and the wizards get virgin for their orgies.

    • John

      Sounds like a plan!

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