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  1. Vendettadabeast

    On top of a sadistic queen’s private room to steal her treasure, now what can go wrong here.

    • John

      Yep, sounds pretty straight forward to me!

  2. Majere

    Since no-one else seems to have called it, I’m going to go ahead and say Sharona seems to have entered her ‘Tyris Flare’ phase…

    • John

      Good eyes! I was wondering if anyone would notice.

      I usually give Sharona a new costume in every story, and I thought it might be fun to do a little homage to my favorite Golden Axe character.

  3. Gallstone

    Torture sex and cannibalism…
    Sounds like a singles’ meet at the temple of Zon-Kuthon.

    This may be the worst enemies Sharona has to face yet!

    • John

      You might be right!
      We’ll be meeting the Queen Sadystyxx and her cult on the next page and they’re not for the faint of heart!

  4. Sheela

    Interesting last panel, and the moon came out very nicely too.
    Been experimenting with painting styles, have you ?

    • John

      Styles, filters, brushes, it seems like I’m always experimenting with something.
      The last panel was originally supposed to be silhouettes but I though: “What could I do to make this more interesting…”

  5. Robert S Moulds

    That Sharona her and her cute little gnome friend should not even be near a tower agony with the oversexed sadistic cannibals having a orgy without inviting Golan this is unacceptable. Queen Sadystyxx must be striped naked and shaved bald so my over lord Golan will rule over their kingdom muhahahahaha.

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