BMR 15

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  1. Robert S Moulds

    Some times in those Ali Baba B movies a lion, tiger, monster or army of Arabian knights attacks to one in the door way Ziffa should considered that. Sharona hopefully won’t wish Ziffa away. Though it would be funny if Sharona wished that the genie could have Ziffa bald, flaming flatulence, naked other than wearing a pink clown wig glued to her head in largest town square in the largest city with the biggest crowd after greedy Ziffa wished for treasure. Sharona gets amused, rich and some revenge on Ziffa muhahahahaha. Then again Sharona could always marry a genie who looks like Barbara Eden in Genie.

  2. Gallstone

    I’m relieved she isn’t setting up to lock Sharona in ….. yet.

    • John

      Ziffa doesn’t have anything to gain by locking Sharona in the vault, which is the only reason Sharona is letting her stay up there in the first place.

      • Gallstone

        She could set up a boobytrap so she could pull a Jafar, though…. and make off with the lamp and all three wishes. :-/

        • John

          That’s true, although I think Ziffa is content to let Sharona do all the work and collect her wish at the end.

          Assuming everything goes smoothly of course… 😉

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