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  1. Robert S Moulds

    Sharona should have brought Bozo nude or in a bikini to trade for Roseline. None the less while Rosaline’s a– is tan at least the evil eunuch did not shave her bald. Speaking of which one the super sized muscled transsexual or eunuch dominatrix catches them it’s hell for both of them whether or not ransom is paid where is a bozo in a bikini when you need him.

  2. Gallstone

    Looking at panel 3, I thought for a moment that it might be an Animate Chains-spell, and Sharona had been captured. :p

    Interesting that the duty torturer knows some magic, in spite of her earlier disdain for ‘mumbo-jumbo’.

    • John

      Under the circumstances, Sharona might have preferred an Animate Chains spell to the muscle growth one. Things are about to get a little hairy …

      The torturer doesn’t have a problem with magic per se, she just thinks that the wizards have their heads in the clouds with their magic spells, arcane books and relics, while she is doing the real world grunt work.
      (In other words, she has the same attitude that pretty much every employee in the world has.) 🙂

      • Gallstone

        Employers focused on more esoterical aspects of the work beat employers who see the business as a cash cow and believe the employees are mindless drones who only exist to line the employers’ pockets, and can probably be replaced by machines without any trouble soon.

        • John

          Good point. The torturer should probably be more appreciative of her position than she is. It could always be worse.

          (On the up side, given the time period, at least she doesn’t have to worry about being replaced by a machine!) 😀

  3. khamya9

    Muscle growth spells, because too much is never enough. ^.^

    • John

      You never know when too much muscle might come in handy! 😀

      • Gallstone

        It actually puts me in mind of one bit of advice from DBZ that made good sense; pumping up your muscles is pointless if it causes you to sacrifice too much mobility. You go from slab of muscle to punching bag against a nimble opponent if you do….

        • John

          Good advice, although in this case I suspect the torturer still has enough mobility to cause problems for Sharona.

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