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  1. khamya9

    Ah confusion, what a wonderful weapon.

    • John

      I’ll take it over a sword any day! 😀

  2. SolCannibal

    SMART gal indeed, now let’s see those tables turning hard.

    • John

      Even without the gloves, the second sister is still a beast, but Sharona has certainly put the odds in her favor now.

  3. Gallstone

    XD Like I said: crazy like a fox!
    Announcing the nature of your tools, tricks and powers to an enemy is a bloody stupid thing to do.
    Basing your whole style of combat around something that can easily be taken away from and turned against you is even worse…

    • John

      The Sisters of Misrule are really bullies at heart, and aren’t used to their victims being particularly resourceful.
      That tends to make them cocky and open to making mistakes… like this one.

  4. Vendettadabeast

    Oh snap she got the gloves smart thinking on sharona. Now lets see how big and bad this sister is without them……probably not much.

    • John

      Let’s just say the balance of power has shifted a little… 😉

  5. And this is why you never tell people the source of your power.

    • John

      It’s super villain 101: “Never tell the hero how to beat you.”

      (You would think the Red Skull would have figured that out by now.) 😀

  6. Sheela

    Gloves of strength aquired.
    Equip (Y/N) ?

    • John

      I’m thinking Y. 😀

      • Sheela

        Even so, it’s gonna be a fight and a half !
        That second sister is a beast!

        • John

          The gloves may help Sharona even the odds a little…

  7. Robert S Moulds

    The eunuch or botched transsexual with a bad tan lost her super gloves as I mentioned last time. Sharona has both the magic ring and gloves all the hack needs to do is play dude looks like lady off key thus dooming the muscle bound giant eunuch mohahahaha. Sharona should shave the giant bald for being so mean or just strip off the bikini bet the giant had a bikini wax. With two of the sister bald and naked the third will laugh at them allowing the hack or Sharona to save the princess. Maybe it is just as well that the hack hired Sharona since the sisters would make fat jokes about Golan and Dylan would stick bugs in their hair and shoes mohahahaha.

  8. demanufactured_00

    No one has made a bad joke about the gloves being off!? Well we know this one didn’t read evil overlord materials. She’s still a beast, but I think speed and resourcefulness are going to win out.

    • John

      Well, you can be sure Sharona won’t be handling her with kid gloves! (insert groans)

      • Ka-Bobbleler

        Yoked Barbarian Chick : ” Oh, you’ve done it now, honey! The gloves are off ! ”

        * loud booing, someone throws a cabbage *

        • John

          😀 😀 😀

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