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  1. Gallstone

    Oh, Ziffa. You honestly believe you’re off the hook, don’t you? So sad.

    I wonder and worry where Mor-Deka is going.

    • John

      Mor-Derka is simply leaving. Having fulfilled her duties, she is now free and has no further interest in Sharona, Ziffa or the lamp.

  2. Robert S Moulds

    That delusional, foolish and greedy Ziffa she must of heard ferocious guardian or considered the possibility lamp is either destroyed or lost. If Sharona is stuck with Ziffa hopefully the guardian is a eunuch wearing a turban, sandals and a diaper armed with a sword named Hussain saying “Hussain chop”. Ziffa could use a bikini wax. What about the genie is he or she like the ones in stories such as Aladdin, Ali Baba, Arabian Knights, Book of Wonders, 1001 nights, Sinbad the sailor, The Thief of Baghdad or the TV show I dream of Jeannie Starring Barbara Eden as a sexy Persian genie or in Arabic Jinn granting wishes to American astronauts in 1960s Florida. Of course it could be genie with the light brown hair who grants bugs bunny wishes or Christina Aquilera singing genie in a bottle. With even more lucky Ziffa will foolishly want the genie’s power not realizing one must live in tiny little oil lamp talk about cloisterphobia.

    • khamya9

      Ziffa is thinking she can get the lamp and all three wishes somehow. How getting a free wish factors into this thought I’m not sure.

      I think the genie should be like the one from Oglaf: “If you wish for anything but the right to suck my dick I cut off your legs”. Which resulted in a legless king. But I also suspect there either is no Genie, or it won’t work like the king hopes.

      I suspect that the king intends either to wish first and make it so he doesn’t owe Ziffa and Sharona their wishes by the wording of his own, or wish second and undo theirs while giving himself back their wishes.

      • John

        Ziffa’s motives are pretty obvious, but the King’s motives seem a little murky.

        We’ll have to see how this all plays out… 😉

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