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  1. Robert S Moulds

    I don’t remember Sanibal telling Sharona to wait in the plains for her some thing could be up. As for giving a good word to Sanibal about Rosaline tell Sanibal Rosaline is hot and nothing else and let the mayhem begin. Sharona still saves the dumb blond.

    • John

      Sanibal didn’t tell Sharona they were going to meet in the plains. It’s pretty safe to assume something might be up…

      • Ebonbolt

        I was assuming something was up from the start. The trick is who’s playing the games & why. At this point, I’m going with the theory that Rosaline is running multiple deals/scams/cons. All Sanibal asked for was Rosaline back, everything else was Rosaline. That doesn’t mean Sanibal’s not running this or another scam tho’.

        • John

          Those are some pretty good theories, actually. While I can’t confirm which theories are correct and which aren’t, I can say that by next page we will have a pretty good idea who is behind what! 😉

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