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  1. Robert S Moulds

    The delusional drunk oversexed naked purple goblin who should get a bikini waxing is going to wake up with more than a head ache. It won’t be the two one night stands invest or at least save her money hedonism can expensive really fast and what Sharona escape the S&M hell fire club. They’ll be hell topee this time not Donald Joachim Trump once president of the gargoyles with a crown of road kill on his head to cover his horns. Not to mention a tacky spray on tan now ruler of the world muhahahahaha.

  2. Gallstone

    Yyyeah, but if you live like that, you burn through the funds you need to live like that, Ziffa. Also, getting sloshed right after backstabbing a partner is really stupid. @_@

    Anyhoo, I guess speciesism isn’t much of a concern in the Sharonaverse (at least as long as you have enough money). Did any of the non-human sentients survive to the modern age, shown when Cucucthu is about to be summoned back into the world?

    • Gallstone

      Also? That redhead must have been really horny, really drunk and/or really keen to be paid to accept fellatio from Ziffa. I mean, look at her canines… Goblins are known for their teeth. >_<;

      • John

        If he wasn’t so horny and drunk he might have had second thoughts about that!
        Actually, there wasn’t any danger. Ziffa has plenty of experience using this particular maneuver on other Goblins without injuring them, and the technique isn’t really different for humans.

        • Gallstone

          Well, that stands to reason. If the technique needed to be very different, it would suggest anatomical differences which would make sex with humans not so much fun for Ziffa.

          • John

            Too true! 😀

    • John

      That’s an interesting question, actually. I hadn’t really thought about it.
      Modern day mutants maybe?

      • Gallstone

        Or perhaps there has been so much crossbreeding over the generations that all the species have been mostly absorbed into the modern dominant species?
        Small groups of ‘purebloods’ might still exist, largely accepted but considered to be elitist oddballs. That might go for humans the same as Goblins and Dark Elves.

        • John

          Interesting idea! I hadn’t given any thought to how Sharona’s era would relate to the modern day, but that’s certainly one possibility.

  3. SolCannibal

    I for one find it fascinating that our goblinish scoundrel’s garish haircolor seems to be her natural one – or she bleached the carpet downstairs to match at least. 😀

    • John

      Orange is Ziffa’s natural hair color.

      (Although it might be accompanied by black and blue if she isn’t careful!)

  4. khamya9

    I predict that the cute goblin is going to not only have a hangover but also an acute case of murder-cannibal-sex-cultists.

    • John

      I suspect she’s going to have an acute case of something. 😉

      • Gallstone

        Oh, dear.

        Well, if you jump in the sack with every random stranger you meet at the pub, these things are unfortunately to be expected.

        • John

          Actually, I was hinting at certain upcoming events(starting on the next page). 😉

          • Gallstone

            I know. I was just taking the Mickey. 😉

  5. Sheela

    She’s going to wake up in a certain tower, isn’t she ?

    Well, at least she’ll have all the rape she can stomach.

    • John

      I’m not sure Sharona would want to go back to the tower for any reason, but the next page should give us an idea where things are going.

      • Sheela

        Well, I was thinking more of a “if you guys want the real culprit, go look here” kinda dealio.

        • John

          Oh, I see what you mean. Let’s just say that whatever happens it’s gonna start on the next page!

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