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  1. Robert S Moulds

    Easy come and easy go for the foolish greedy goblin Ziffa maybe Sharona should let Ziffa have a little gold if only to lose fast and foolishly great for laughs.

  2. NoFace

    She’s not the only one. Is Sharona trying to beat her own personal record for quickest seduction?

    • John

      Sharona doesn’t like to waste time with foreplay. 😀

      • Gallstone

        Oh? So Sharona doesn’t need a lot of stimulation to reach the goal? Lucky her.

        • John

          By “foreplay” I meant Sharona doesn’t like to waste time flirting, etc. She prefers to get straight to the “action”. 🙂

          (Although to be fair, Sharona doesn’t usually have much trouble reaching her goal either!)

  3. Gallstone

    Yup, it figures. ^^;

    Prince Whatshisface and Sharona clearly didn’t waste any time, but they still weren’t quite fast enough.

    • John

      Never underestimate the speed of an angry goblin!

  4. lamp123

    So I’m guessing the gold can only be taken so far away from the lamp, or does it only work for a limited amount of time?

    • John

      Actually, it may have had something to do with Sharona’s wish… 😉

      We’ll find out next week!

      • lamp123

        Sounds like a Bugs and Daffy scenario to me. 🙂

        • John

          That would be a pretty accurate description of Sharona and Ziffa’s relationship in general. 😀

  5. Nick

    Would have preffered for Ziffa to meet those 3 orcs from earlier so they can finish their business with her.

    • John

      I think the orcs are too busy recovering from their run in with the guardian to be too interested in Ziffa right now.

  6. Lewdster

    Maybe joining the sexy fun would cheer poor Ziffa up 😉 (Knowing her, it probably wouldn’t quite be enough, but hey, it’d make for a nice view)

    • John

      That would be cool, but somehow I get the feeling Ziffa isn’t in the mood right now…

      • Gallstone

        After everything that happened, Sharona probably wouldn’t like that, either.

        • John

          Sharona has had enough of Ziffa to last her for a long time, and she is definitely not interested in sharing the Prince with her!

          • Gallstone

            On the other hand, the vizier’s flashback implied the prince was no stranger to the odd threesome, and he’s just out of magical solitary confinement without conjugal visitation rights. He might try to push his luck.

          • John

            Unfortunately, letting Ziffa in probably wouldn’t result in the kind of “action” he might be hoping for.

          • Gallstone

            We know that, but him…..?

          • John

            Hmmm. Good point. Guess we’ll find out on the next page.

  7. Damn Sharona, that’s harsh…

    • John

      …and it’s going to get harsher! 😉

    • Gallstone

      Nnnnot as harsh as letting someone fall into a put of torture-fetish cannibals.

      • Gallstone

        I meant to type *pit*, of course.

        • John

          That’s what I figured,although falling into a put of torture-fetish cannibals wouldn’t be much fun either! 😀 😀 😀

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