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  1. Gallstone

    She’s holding the gem, genius.

    • John

      That’s one possibility…

  2. SolCannibal

    And her moves leave the crowd MESMERIZED…. XD

    • John


  3. Gallstone

    I can see Sanibal is making at least one logic error.
    I … think I know what happened. Won’t say it here, but I think I know. Depends on how helpful the folks at the guild were feeling, though.

    • John

      While I suspect most of my plot twists don’t come as a great surprise to my readers, I appreciative that you didn’t give away(or guess at) any spoilers.

      We will find out on the next page exactly what happened.
      It sounds like you are on the right track though. 😉

  4. Xepax

    I am confused…. :-O

    • John

      Well this is a pretty confusing turn of events!
      Let’s just say that Sharona has managed to outwit Sanibal(a rare feat) and on the next page we will find out exactly how she did it!

  5. Robert S Moulds

    Sharona knows the gem has magic powers and has figured out to use some of them to Sanibal and her minions surprise. Giving Sharona a wry smile and Sanibal a little teeth grinding.

    • John

      There was definitely some magic involved somewhere!

  6. Gallstone

    Sanibal thinks rather highly of herself – especially her combat skills.
    As I recall, they were both bloodied the last time she and Sharona tango’ed, but Sharona was the only one in any condition to walk away afterward.

    • John

      Despite being a very smart and calculating woman, Sanibal has a kind of blind spot when it comes to Sharona, which results in her underestimating Sharona sometimes.

      • Gallstone

        Something like “I had her wrapped around my little finger once, I can outsmart her and break her”.

        • John

          That’s fairly accurate, except Sanibal doesn’t actually want to break Sharona. Her motives will become more clear in a couple of pages.

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