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  1. Vendettadabeast

    Ok i seen that coming with the king having something to do with the kidnapping, but all of the sisters being the princess older sisters thats a bit of a twist.

    • John

      It seems the king has quite a few little secrets doesn’t he?

  2. Gallstone

    The notion of the Daughters of Misrule being king sourpuss’ offspring did occur to me before… as did the idea that they were on his payroll. It’s a good scam: if you’re the one controlling both your region’s prime criminal and pracekeeping forces, you can get up to all kinds of Machiavellian fun — such as the king’s plan to prevent Daemilia from marrying Gareth.

    Nice lighting and use of colour in this page, by the way: very dramatic. 😀

    • John

      The king’s relationship with his estranged daughters is very convenient, but also very complicated.
      Convenient, because the king has used The Sisters of Misrule to handle a variety of “delicate situations” over the years, that he hasn’t wanted to entrust his own subjects with.
      Complicated, because the king doesn’t actually pay them for their services. Instead they have an “understanding” which means the Sisters are getting something out of it as well(more on that later).
      Even more complicated, the Sisters of Misrule all know that Daemilia is their sister, but Daemilia has been raised to believe that she is an only child(and the King wants to keep it that way).
      As you can imagine, Daemilia’s kidnapping took a lot of planning and a lot of strict instructions to the Sisters of Misrule. Unfortunately, the King hadn’t counted on Gareth enlisting help… 😉

      Thank you for the kind words about the colors! I enjoy experimenting with stuff like that. 😀

      • Gallstone

        I wonder how emotionally painful it must have been for the Sisters to interact with the ‘favoured child’ on that basis, when it seems they normally have only each other, and so might be assumed to put the bonds of sisterhood at a premium…

        • John

          The interaction wasn’t particularly painful for the Sisters, because they’ve never had a father/daughter relationship with the king(and don’t really want one at this point) and don’t resent Daemilia for being the favored child. They do, however, resent Daemilia for being a princess and for having the life of wealth and privilege that they don’t(although the Sister aren’t doing too badly in the wealth department due to their criminal endeavors).

          As a result, while the Sisters do place a lot of importance on their relationship with each other and their other siblings(more on that later), they tend to view Daemilia as more of an outsider than a sister.

          • Gallstone

            That’s pretty sad in its own right. :-/

            So. I’m guessing the king claimed his kingdom by his own effort, rather than inheritence, and he used to have an eye for the ladies… lots of ladies… only once he had the crown on his brow, he decided not to muddy the waters of his own royal succession.

          • John

            The next few pages will detail the king’s rise to power and his connection to the Sisters of Misrule, so I better not say too much about the king’s origin yet, but we may find out that he is not quite as diabolical as he seems. 😉

  3. Darrell San

    Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuuun!

  4. Robert S Moulds

    Talk about dis functional families all of sudden Daemilia doesn’t seem to be all she is crack up to be. Having her older sisters forced to live in scary castle no wonder they became so mean. To think how Alexis and Dylan get along Alexis calls her little sister fart sponge. While Dylan sticks bugs in Alexis hair and shoes sometimes catching her on fire. The King should have just put the hack on the gong show the hack’s lack of talent means he’ll be gonged and out of his hair

  5. mayday587

    And the plot gets thick (like the women) or thickens ! Show of hands as to how many people want to see a story someday featuring the 3 “height advantaged” sisters….

    • John

      Actually, the triplets were a lot of fun to draw. I probably should do more with them sometime. 😀

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