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  1. Vendettadabeast

    And that’s a grand slam and maybe the end of round 1or does the Alice Cooper girl got more fight in her?

    • John

      I’m thinking she’s down for the count.

      • Gallstone

        “Aha! One! One defeated brigand! Aha!”

        • John

          One down two to go!

  2. Gallstone

    People who need to rely on invisibility to defeat others (or have just grown used to doing so) should learn to be quick, efficient, and above all SHUT UP. 😉

    • John

      Words to live by!

  3. want see some sharona ryona

  4. DubipR

    How many Exp Points does Sharona get for punching a female Alice Cooper/Lobo bad person?

    • John

      Definitely enough to level up! 😀

      • Gallstone

        Barbarian 5 / Brawler 4? 😉

        • John


          • Gallstone

            For I am geek. 😉

            CG female human Barbarian 5 / Brawler 4

            Initiative: +6.
            Senses: Perception +9

            AC 14 (+2 Dex., +1 Dodge, +1 Brawler bonus) – Sharona habitually uses Snake Style to boost her AC in combat.
            HP 75
            Fort. +10; Ref. +7; Will +4

            Speed: 40 ft. (No fear of encumbrance here… ^^;)

            +14 Bastard sword; 1d10+5; 19-20/x2
            +14 Unarmed strike; 1d8+3; x2

            Ranged: +11

            Str. 17, Dex. 15, Con. 14, Int. 10, Wis. 14, Cha. 12

            Base Atk: +9; CMB +12; CMD 25

            Exotic weapon proficiency (Bastard sword)
            Hero’s fortune
            Improved initiative
            Improved unarmed strike
            Snake style

            Acrobatics +9
            Climb +8
            Diplomacy +8 (+9 to gather information)
            Intimidate +6
            Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5
            Knowledge (local) +5
            Knowledge (nature) +5
            Linguistics +3
            Perception +9
            Perform (sexual prowess) +8
            Profession (prostitute) +8
            Ride +5
            Sense motive +10 (+11 to gather information)
            Survival +7
            Swim +8

            Prostitute (Diplomacy)
            World traveler (Sense motive)

            Special qualities:
            Brawler’s cunning
            Brawler’s flurry
            Fast movement
            Hero point reserve: 5
            Improved uncanny dodge
            Knockout 1/day, Fort. DC 15
            Martial flexibility 5/day
            Martial training
            Rage 6 rounds/day
            Rage powers (Fearless rage; Guarded stance)
            Trap sense +1
            Uncanny dodge

            Common, Elven, Orc, Undercommon

            +2 Bastard sword
            (Because really, all the rest gets lost or stolen, but her favourite sword stays. :p)

          • John

            WOW! I’m impressed!(And I thought I was a geek!)
            You’ve probably put more thought into the character than I have!

          • Sheela

            Don’t forget the Dominatrix levels she has, though they may double as brawler levels. 😀

          • John

            Definitely cant forget that! 😀

          • Gallstone

            Heh. ^_^ I made a couple of mistakes, but overall I like how this turned out.

          • John

            You probably put more time and effort into this than I do on some pages! 😀

          • Gallstone

            Oh, I doubt that very much. ^_^ It didn’t take me that long; statting out characters is a bit of a hobby.

  5. Robert S Moulds

    Sharona can get her gold bikini on since they are so expensive at the magic bikini shop. While she is at it she could take the invisibility ring and the sling shot bikini. Naked Alice Cooper waiting to be arm locked with her sister naked hands glued to their heads then either locked in a dark room, sold to a slave buyer, handed to the king as prisoners or given to the blue lady as jesters. Were the sisters of miss rule evil princesses who created the secret society. Any way see the arm locked naked Alice Cooper sisters of miss rule sing no more mister nice guy with pyrotechnic flatulece. The hack gets the princess unless she is turned into a Alice Cooper while Sharona gets a castle and a bikini waxing.

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