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  1. NoFace

    Ah Greed and Lust. The thing that brings family’s together.

    • John

      You know what they say: “The greedy family that lusts together stays together.”

      Um… they do say something like that, right?

  2. gunde

    Great! Although I’m not sure most men talk this much when they’re in a threesome with a gorgeous babe 😉
    Will be very interesting to see what Lenora gets up to!

    • John

      To be fair, most men don’t have to fit plot exposition into their threesomes. Serves them right for being in a webcomic!

      We’ll find out more about Lenora’s situation on the next page!

      • gunde

        “Serves them right for being in a webcomic!”
        No chance of a pin-up of one of them having to audition by reading from a book while Sharona is on her knees in front of him and with her mouth full? 😉

        Going from what you wrote below, I do hope Lenora ends up with her brothers having some dirt on her for a change, but we’ll see…

        • John

          LOL! Not a bad idea. You never know…

          Lenora may regret spying on her brothers. Sooner than you think…

    • Lysander

      Communication is the most important part of lovemaking. Moreso for coordinating and choreographing a threesome.

  3. Gallstone

    I wonder whether Lenora just likes to watch, is looking for a way to get her brothers in trouble….
    …..or is hero-worshipping Sharona for living however she wants.

    By the by, it’s impressive that all the participants in the Sharona sandwich are lucid enough to have a conversation! ^_^;

    • John

      Short answer: All of the above!

      Longer answer: Lenora does like to watch. In fact, given her upbringing(more on that later) spying on her brothers is the closest thing she’s ever had to a sexual experience.
      While Lenora does enjoy getting her brothers in trouble with their father(to be fair, they give her plenty of opportunities), she prefers to use big infractions(like this one) to blackmail them into doing her chores.
      Lenora doesn’t exactly know what to think of Sharona. She didn’t know that women like Sharona even existed. She knows Sharona is supposed to be a bad person, but finds her lifestyle strangely exciting.

      As far as the threesome conversation goes, when you gotta get plot points in, you do what you gotta do! 😀

  4. Robert S Moulds

    Me thinks the greedy horny brothers are losing their inheritance to Lenora cleaver girl. They can always be gigolos one can even call himself Rico the other the midnight cowboy. Then again be line dancing gay cowboys with a life time supply of chocolate pudding. They could always be porn stars or Sharona’s sex slaves.

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