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  1. Robert S Moulds

    I think the genie does not like Ziffa and her spiteful wish at Sharona expense backfired.

    • John

      Well, something certainly didn’t go right for Ziffa!

  2. Gallstone

    Looks like the lamp is password-protected. :p

    • John

      Something like that. 😉

  3. Lewdster

    No good thing makes a sound like ZZORTCH, as far as I’m concerned 😀

    • John

      Yep, if you that sound, you can safely assume that something bad has happened!

      • Gallstone

        But if that bad thing happens to a bad person like Ziffa (you heard me, lady, you’re bad), do the two bads cancel each other out? Especially if it makes us laugh? 😉

        • John

          It’s a grey area. 😀

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