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  1. Anon


    • John

      Yep, the hideous Sanibal is really Sharona’s mother!

  2. Gallstone

    WAIT WHAT?! 0_0

    • Gallstone

      Okay. I’ll admit it. I never saw that coming. Complete surprise.
      Well played. 🙂

      • John

        Thank you! Most of my plot twists turn out to be fairly predictable, so it’s nice when I pull one off once in a while.

        Given Sharona’s colorful sexual history, I figured that most readers would assume that Sanibal was a former lover.
        However, I tried to be careful when plotting/scripting Sharona and Sanibal’s interactions to make sure that everything worked in a mother/daughter context even if it wasn’t obvious to the readers, because I didn’t want the final revelation to come off as a cheap twist.

        Although this story is technically over, I’m following it up with a 5 page epilogue that will answer a few questions(like why Sharona doesn’t call Sanibal “mother” to her face) and will ask a few more… 😉

        • Gallstone

          I feel kind of bad for assuming now… ^^;

          • John

            Don’t feel bad! I glad everybody assumed, because if they didn’t the whole ending was pretty much screwed.

  3. ff

    • John

      I hadn’t heard of a wham line before, but I looked it up and you’re right, this was definitely a wham line!

  4. Mark N

    And that is the sound of the other shoe dropping.

    • John

      Pretty much! 😀

  5. Kera


    One line alone and it’s a huge surprise. Mad props.

    • John

      Thank you!
      Most of my surprises don’t end up being very surprising, so I’m glad when one works out! 😀

  6. Xepax

    Totaly Great! Cant wait for the next story!

    • John

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it.

      I’m following this story with a 5 page epilogue, but the next story should by pretty fun(and a lot let serious).

  7. khamya9

    Literally mom? That’s a twist I definitely didn’t see coming.

    • John

      Yes, Sanibal is Sharona’s biological mother.
      It makes the story read a little differently doesn’t it?

  8. Robert Moulds

    Sharona won’t have the Edifice complex and awkward Christmas or any other family get to gathers. Sanibal some mother great for pleasure and hedonism poor role model scared to know Sharona’s father. Sanibal seems to have the unempathic murderous Rosaline has as step daughter maybe karma still she seems to care about her biological daughter.

    • John

      We will be learning a little more about Sharona’s father shortly. 😉

  9. Vendettadabeast

    Now that is a shock, wow. Now that really explains why they know each other so well and I’m sure their history goes deeper than just a gang of bandits they started together.

    • John

      That’s true! In the upcoming epilogue we will take a closer look at some of that history and answer a few questions like why Sharona doesn’t call Sanibal “mom” to her face and where Sharona gets her pink hair.

  10. Lewdster

    What a twist! 😀 I thought Sanibal had a mature vibe to her, but I gotta say I also thought she was just Sharona’s ex-lover.

    • John

      Thank you! I had tried to give Sanibal that mature vibe, but I wasn’t sure if I had pulled it off. In the epilogue we will be seeing a younger Sanibal and the age difference will be more apparent.

  11. Gallstone

    Knowing what we know now makes page 8 rather … sad. 🙁

    • John

      Yes, things between Sharona and Sanibal had pretty much come to a head at that point.

      As you have probably guessed, Sharona developed a conscience as she got older and began to notice the people she was hurting and questioned her actions. Sanibal(who never developed a conscience) has a volatile personality(even more so when she was younger) and didn’t respond well to having her authority questioned. This led to increasing friction between them that culminated in the violent altercation shown in the flashback. Sanibal attacked Sharona, Sharona responded in kind and things got out of hand very quickly, leading to their estrangement with each one feeling betrayed by the other.

  12. jd.

    I’d like to add to the praise by saying that Sharona’s face in the last panel definitely adds power to her line. Beautifully done.

    (Also, one of the questions we never knew we had but might be answered in the next five pages is, is Rosaline another daughter of Sanibal? That may explain why Rosaline can’t get to first base with her. It would mean Sanibal would have left her with an adoptive mother, though.)

    • John

      Thank you! I had hoped the final panel would have impact, but I wasn’t sure if I had pulled it off. I’m glad you like it!

      Rosaline won’t be factoring into the flashback, but I can answer your question:
      Rosaline is not related to Sanibal. Sharona is Sanibal’s only child.
      The reason Rosaline can’t get to first base with Sanibal is actually simple(and slightly humorous): Unlike Sharona, Sanibal has no sexual interest in women. She only sleeps with men. So Rosaline will never make any progress with her on that front. Sharona knows this of course, but didn’t tell Rosaline for a variety of reasons, but mostly because she doesn’t like Rosaline. 🙂

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